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LOCAL AARP JEFFERSON CITY CHAPTER 4401 was born from the efforts and foresight of Mr. Paul Bodein, Mr. Delbert Wells, Mr. Fred Oehring and others who first met on April 9, 1988 to form a new chapter which was chartered in 1989. Persons gathered for the first time as a formal AARP group on April 14 at the former Josh’s Restaurant in Jefferson City with Dr. Joseph Summers as the program speaker. The purpose of the new Local 4401 AARP Chapter was to bring AARP’s mission and services to the local Jefferson City, Missouri community through positive social changes and to deliver quality services to members through information and advocacy.

Since that beginning in 1988 with approximately 40 members present, the membership has grown to nearly three times that number. The local services offered through Chapter 4401 have expanded to include such programs as: Health/Wellness, Grief and Loss, Computer Literacy, AARP Driver Safety Program, AARP Tax-Aide Program, and others. To explore any of these programs visit the Community Involvement Page.

We are registered with the Missouri Secretary of State as a Not-For-Profit Community Service Organization in 1990.

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Address: PO Box 105965, Jefferson City, MO   65110
Email: charlottewening@hotmail.com

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